How does Ranked Choice Voting work?

Watch a simple 1-minute video here to get a quick primer.

Do I need to rank all of my choices?

No. You can rank as many or as few candidates as you choose.

How does the counting work?

If you’d like an overview of how the runoff process works, you can use our interactive tool here.

How will counting work on Election Day?

From the Maine Secretary of State’s office:

” If no candidate wins a majority of votes on Election Night in the races that have three or more candidates, the ballots and memory devices from each municipality will be securely transported by a professional courier service to a central tabulation site in Augusta. There, the winner will be determined via rounds.”

Where can I find my polling place?

You can look up your polling place here.

Is Ranked Choice Voting constitutional?

Yes. Ranked Choice Voting for primary elections was unanimously ruled constitutional by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. From the Maine Secretary of State’s office:

The Justices of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court issue a unanimous advisory opinion at the request of legislators in May, 2017, concluding that the parts of the ranked-choice voting law that apply to general elections for State Representative, State Senator and Governor were unconstitutional under the Maine Constitution because the Maine Constitution requires the winners of those offices in a general election to be decided by a plurality. Primary elections in Maine and elections for federal offices are governed by statute and not by the Maine Constitution.

Will I be ranking my choices for all candidates on the ballot in the 2018 midterm elections?

On November 6, 2018 Maine voters will have the opportunity to rank their candidates for US House of Representatives and US Senate.

What would it take for Mainers to be able to use Ranked Choice Voting in elections for state legislature and governor?

With an amendment to the Maine State Constitution, Maine could expand the use of Ranked Choice Voting to general election races for governor and state legislature for future elections.

What will a ranked-choice ballot look like?

You can click here to view sample ballots from the 2018 primary election.

New ballots will be printed by the Secretary of State’s office for the November midterm elections.

Where can I find more information on what will be on the ballot?

You can view nonpartisan voting info from the League of Women Voters Maine right here.


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